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Applying For A School Nursery Place

In Stockton all primary schools have nurseries attached to them. As well as nursery places in mainstream schools, there are nursery places within independent schools, private day nurseries, playgroups and with childminders.

All settings aim to provide high quality education appropriate to the age and development of children in their care.

Local Authority School Nursery

There are nursery classes attached to all of the primary schools in the Borough. Some schools operate a Foundation Stage Unit, which includes nursery and reception age children.

How to register

To register you should go along to the school nursery and ask that your child's name be put on the waiting list; you may be asked for your child's birth certificate so take this with you. The Head Teacher/Governing Body has responsibility for managing the allocation of nursery places and will contact you when a place is available.


Most schools will have a Nursery Policy which they follow to allocate places but generally they will give priority to four year olds and offer places to three year olds if they have places remaining. For schools where nurseries are oversubscribed they will also have priorities for people who live in zones, siblings of children already attending and to vulnerable families. You can request a copy of the admission policy for nursery intake and the school will provide this.

My chosen nursery is full - what do I do?

You will need to look at alternative nurseries with places. Click here to see the Schools List, the list can also be requested from the School Admissions team on (01642) 526605. For information on approved private, voluntary and independent providers delivering free nursery entitlement in your area click here to go the childcare section of the Stockton Information Directory.

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