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Schools for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities

 Enhanced Mainstream School

Most children and young people with special educational needs will have their needs met in local mainstream school.

Some children and young people may have their needs met at an Enhanced Mainstream School (EMS) for children and / or young people with a particular special educational need). these children will have or be in the process of obtaining an EHCP. Access to an EMS is via the ONE Point Panel.

Some children and young people may need to attend a special school-we would expect these children and young people to also have Education, Health and Care Plans.

Within Stockton we have maintained schools including nurseries, primary, secondary and special schools.

There are also academies and a free school in the area.

We would always try and ensure that a child's needs could be met in a maintained school, Academy or Free school before considering a place in a school in the independent or non-maintained sector. Details of all maintained schools, academies and the free school can be found on the link at the end of this article. This list includes the special schools and enhanced mainstream schools.

Independent and Non Maintained special schools

Some children and young people with complex special educational needs might be considered for a place in an independent or non-maintained special school.

Local Authorities are required to provide a list of independent schools and colleges in England and Wales, which are approved by the Secretary of State for Education. This list is updated on a monthly basis.

The list will be sent with the Education, Health and Care Plan but can be viewed by clicking on the external links for Section 41 state approved schools

Details of all maintained schools, academies and the free school in Stockton can be found here: Schools


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