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Find an approved Personal Assistant

Find an approved Personal Assistant (also called carers and/or support workers).

If you are interested in finding a Personal Assistant (PA) to support you with your social care needs then please click on the PA Finder link to find live PA profiles. If you decide you would like to meet and interview any of the candidates then please contact Adult Social Care Financial Services on 01642 527470 or email

Who are the PA’s?

Stockton Personalisation Support Service receive queries regularly from people who would like to start working as a PA and also people who are already working as a PA and would like to work additional hours with other service users. The PA finder allows us to store the details of these people and make them available for you to view. 

Each person who is on the register has completed basic training modules in the following areas:

  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Basic First Aid
  • Safer People Handling
  • Food Hygiene


Once a PA is employed they may need additional training in order to support you properly with your specific needs. Each PA should also receive an induction from you that lets them know what their job is going to be, how you like to be supported and what you expect of them. This is very important as it sets out your working relationship from the start and gives the PA the basic knowledge they will need to do a good job.

Enhanced Disclosure and Baring Service Check

Each PA has also undergone an enhanced DBS check prior to their profile being available. The enhanced check tells employers if they have any spent or unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings plus any additional information held by local police that’s reasonably considered relevant to the workforce being applied for (adult or child workforce).

You can learn more about DBS checks by visiting the following site

Please Note

Stockton on Tees Borough Council do not ‘recommend’ these individuals to you and cannot guarantee they will be suitable for your vacancy.  The service simply allows your vacancy to be advertised and enables you to view the information of individuals who are looking for employment in this sector. SPSS supports each PA to gain the minimum standard required to work for you however this cannot replace you interviewing them and ensuring they are the right ‘fit’ for you and the support you need.

More information on interviewing and safe recruitment practices is available by contacting a member of the SPSS team who can provide support with this.

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