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Employing Staff - Guides and Templates

For Service Users who are employing a Personal Assistant, we have a number of useful documents and templates for you to use. Please click on the download you want to open it.:

Is SPSS providing your payroll service? Do you want to register a new PA or has your current PA left your employment? Please see below for New Starter Packs and Leavers Forms:

  • DP1 New Starter Form
  • DP2 Bank Details Form
  • DP3 Leaver Form
  • DP4 Client Payroll Registration
  • DP5 Change to information Form
  • DP6 Change of Address Form
  • Starter Checklist

 If you cannot find what you are looking for, have any questions or need some support please contact SPSS on 01642 527470.

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