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Housing and Accommodation

As a Care leaver, you will have access to support and accommodation and the Local Authority have an Accommodation Officer based in the Resource Team who will work directly with you, your Social Worker, your Personal Advisor and if necessary with Housing to identify the most suitable accommodation option for you when you are leaving care.  This support is available if you need it until you reach the age of 25. 

More information on the options of accommodation when leaving care can be found below.

Feedback and your voice

Feedback on our support and accommodation is very important to us.  To help have your voice heard, we offer a Young Inspectors programme which gives care leavers the chance to review and evaluate our supported accommodation services.  This can let us know which things are going well whilst also identifying things that we need to change. 

If you would like be in involved or want more information about being a young inspector, contact your social worker, PA or the accommodation officer. 

Care Leavers not living in Stockton

As a care leaver, the Local Authority recognises that you may have spent some of your time living outside of the Stockton area and do not want to return here.  If you wish to remain in a local area where you have been in care (and it is appropriate to do so) we will offer you support to help you stay there by speaking with other organisations or local council’s about long term housing options available to you in that area. 

If you wish to explore this further, please speak to your social worker or PA

Emergency accommodation

In the event that you find yourself homeless, we may be able to offer you emergency accommodation in one of our Crash Pad services whilst a plan is put in place to either resolve your homelessness or move you on to more suitable accommodation.  In addition, we have a close working relationship with our Housing Solutions Team who can also offer support and accommodation if required. 

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, you should contact your PA in the first instance.

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