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Supported Accommodation

Taking the step to live on your own can be a big one, not every young person is ready for this and needs something in the middle and so we offer a Supported Accommodation option.  This is having your own space which could be a one bedroom flat or a shared house with support staff on site or popping in to give you the help you need.  The support staff will work with you to develop a plan that builds on your independent living skills and to help you to understand the responsibility of managing your own tenancy.  Some of the things you could work on with the staff are budgeting, keeping your flat clean, paying your rent, shopping, cooking, etc. 

There are rules to follow as in any type of accommodation and you will be expected to keep your accommodation clean and tidy, pay your rent contribution and not get involved in anti-social behaviour.  Most supported accommodation provisions will let you have visitors, and if it is agreed with the provider your friends may be able to stay overnight sometimes.  You don’t have to stay at your accommodation all the time and you may from time to time want to stay out at friends or with family.  We want you to be safe though so you’re Personal Advisor or Social Worker will support you to make these sorts of decisions.

If you are a parent this isn’t a problem as the accommodation available has enough room for parents and their child if needed.

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