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Useful Information and FAQs

Our "Useful Information and Frequently Asked Questions" page contains information that will help you in your journey through the Local Offer.

Stockton Borough Council SEN and Engagement Service is managed by Joanne Mills to find all about Joanne click here

Young People's Guide to SEND:Disagreement Resolution click here

Download The "NEW" Exclusion from School Leaflet on the left hand side.

Key Points of SEN Support in Schools 2017 click here.

Jargon Buster The Jargon Buster lists abbreviations that are often used in documents and at meetings.  To view the list, please click 'download link' on the left hand side

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Reforms 0 - 25 A booklet for parents, carers and professionals. To view click on the 'download link' on the left hand side.

Short Breaks Services For information on Short Breaks Services and the Short Breaks Grant application form click here.

Resolving Disagreements, Mediation, Tribunals and Appeals

30 Hours Free Childcare for 3 & 4 Year Olds

Early Support Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  My child has an EHCP can they attend a mainstream school

A. Link provided

Q. Can I apply for any funding, that could help me pay for my child with SEN to attend any social / outside of school activities

A. Link provided (Short Breaks)

 Q. My child has a hearing impairment, can you tell me what support Stockton can provide.

A. Link provided (Hearing Impairment Service, commissioned on behalf of Stockton Borough Council)

Designated Medical Officer (DMO)

Q. What/Who is Stockton’s named Designated Medical Officer?

A. A named Designated Medical Officer [DMO],sometimes called a Designated Clinical Officer [DCO] is a named medical professional who’s key role is to ensure the reforms set out in the Children and Families Act 2014 are implemented. The named DMO for Stockton, supports the joined up working practice of the local authority and health service. The named DMO has some similarities to the previous role of the Doctor for SEN.

The overall difference to the previous role is that governed by the reform systems of support available for disabled children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Page 50 section 3.45 of the Special needs and disability Code of Practice: 0-25 provides further information regarding the statutory role/duty of the Designated Medical Officer.

To see the SEND Code of Practice, please click on the link on the left called Guidance_SEN Code of Practice.

Children's Multi Agency Panel (CMAP)

Q. What/Who is The Children’s Multi Agency Panel (CMAP)?

A. The Children’s Multi Agency Panel takes into consideration the requests for placements for any child/young person aged 0-18 years old (19 years if an Education Health Care Plan is in place/pending) and

a)    Require funding from several agencies, this includes the children and young people who need complex care

b)    Require placements that are not available within local provision (not including requests for independent Fostering Agency places)

The Children’s Multi Agency Panel meet on a regular basis, once every month.

The CMAP panel collate data to evidence emerging trends and gaps in provision. This analysis can result in the local authority’s future strategies and commissioning of services.

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