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PA146 PA available immediately

  • Female, aged 30
  • Speaks: English
  • Can help with: Personal Hygiene; Personal Care; Help getting in and out of bed; Cleaning; Support with Activities; Support with Work or Study; Sitter / short breaks; Cooking
  • Has: Current DBS/CRB check
Personal statement

I am able to help with personal care, i can cook and clean. i am able to give many different kinds of support in activities. if you require help with work or studies i am able to offer help with those. for those who require a sitter or a short break i am able to offer assistance,

i am able to offer assistance with personal hygiene and help with getting in and out of bed.

in previous employment i have done home care with several different service users with agencies. i have also worked as a PA looking after a client with very special needs and all of the above i did for this client.

i am very caring, honest, reliable person i am very easy to get along with and have various interests. 

About the PA

The PA has...
Current DBS/CRB check
Contact Information
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Morning Afternoon Evening Overnight Start time End time
Monday 07.00 23.00
Tuesday 07.00 23.00
Wednesday 07.00 23.00
Thursday 07.00 23.00
Friday 07.00 23.00
Saturday 07.00 23.00
Sunday 07.00 23.00

i am available 7 days a week. 

Salary / Other information

Can work with ages
4 - 16; 16 - 25; 25 - 55; 55 - 75; 75+
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