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PA056 - Personal Carer

  • Female, aged 48
  • Speaks: English
  • Can help with: Transport; Personal Hygiene; Personal Care; Help getting in and out of bed; Cleaning; Support with Activities; Cooking
  • Has: Current DBS/CRB check; Full Driving License; Use of own transport
Personal statement

My main work experience has come from working in the community which i really enjoyed,i have gained many skills within the care sector , i have excellent communication and listening skills which i believe is esstential for becoming a good carer. I gained valuable varied experience including all aspects of personal care,manual handling , manual and track hoist experience , domestic and shopping calls, i also have knowledge of bealth and safety ,first aid ,infection control and medication.  I have worked with a variety of clients from children to elderly providing care and support to all clients with various illnesses and disabilities .i also have experience working with a spinal injured gentleman taking care of his everyday living needs including oersonal care and social care .i credit myself on being a genuine caring ,trustworthy carer and i pride myself on delivering a high standard of care promoting independence whilst maintaining dignity and respect .

About the PA

The PA has...
Current DBS/CRB check; Full Driving License; Use of own transport
Contact Information
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Availability monday to friday may consider get up or put to bed calls on the weekends

May also consider 1 or 2 waking nights per week

Salary / Other information

Can work with ages
4 - 16; 16 - 25; 25 - 55; 55 - 75; 75+
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