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PA180 Personal Assistant

  • Female, aged 26
  • Speaks: English
  • Can help with: Transport; Personal Hygiene; Personal Care; Help getting in and out of bed; Cleaning; Support with Activities; Support with Work or Study; Sitter / short breaks; Cooking
  • Has: Full Driving License; Use of own transport
  • Can travel to: All
Personal statement

 I am highly motivated and enthusiastic person with excellent hands on skills. I am a passionate and fun person dedicated to work. I have previously worked in retail. I am able to work alongside a team of other workers as well as on my own, working together to get things done efficiently and effectively. I have an outgoing personality combined with excellent communication skills, and always maintain a professional yet friendly manner, respecting the views and opinions of others. I am very dependable and conscientious and extremely reliable. I have a flexible approach to shift patterns and overtime if required, and always willing to engage in training opportunities.

About the PA

The PA has...
Full Driving License; Use of own transport
Contact Information
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Morning Afternoon Evening Overnight Start time End time
Monday 9 am 4pm
Tuesday 9 am 4pm
Wednesday 9 am 4pm
Thursday 9am 4pm
Friday 9 am 4pm
Saturday 9 am 12 pm

Salary / Other information

Can work with ages
4 - 16; 16 - 25; 25 - 55; 55 - 75; 75+
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