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PA097 - Experienced PA

  • Female
  • Speaks: English
  • Can help with: Transport; Personal Hygiene; Personal Care; Cleaning; Support with Activities; Support with Work or Study; Sitter / short breaks; Cooking
  • Has: Current DBS/CRB check; Full Driving License; Use of own transport
  • Can travel to: All
Personal statement

I have worked in the care sector for over 20 years.

I am a quiet person although I am chatty I am reliable, kind caring and easy going with a good sense of humour.

I have a lot of experience with dementia and palliative care.

I have a lot of interests for example I love animals,history,countryside and reading I particularly like to take people out  who maybe do not get out too often.

About the PA

The PA has...
Current DBS/CRB check; Full Driving License; Use of own transport
Contact Information
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Monday to Friday 8.30am -4pm

Salary / Other information

Can work with ages
25 - 55; 55 - 75; 75+
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