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    Additional Information and Support for Communication and Interaction

    Children and young people with SEN may have difficulties in one or more of the areas of speech, language and communication. These children and young people need help to develop their linguistic competence in order to support their thinking, as well as their communication skills.…

    Communication and Interaction Support Map

    Communication and Interaction Support Map - Guide This handy guide provides information and advice about the full range of support services available to families who have children and young people with Communication and Interaction Difficulties (with or without a diagnosis of ASD).

    Jargon Buster

    We will try and avoid jargon where we can or explain terms where they appear. We have used the IPSEA (Independent Parental Special Education Advice) jargon buster as the basis for our lists which will explain some of the words you may come across. We will be adding to the lists using feedback from families,children…
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