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Sunnyside Academy

Sunnyside is a mainstream primary academy which caters for children from 3 years to 11 years old, on entry into the school each child will be assessed to establish a baseline. Regular termly assessments will then be carried out to monitor all children's progress and identify those who are not making expected progress. The data is investigated by the senior leadership team and monitored closely over time. More in depth assessments if needed will be carried out, usually by an external professional.

Sunnyside also has three seperate bases for children with specific needs. The admissions procedure for each base follows the same principle - via a panel which is led my Middlesbrough Local Authority.

  • Sunnyside Communication Base - for children who are deaf, hearing impaired or have communication diffculties and may rely on British Sign Language to aid communication. Children come from all areas of the Tees Valley on transport and can start at Sunnyside at any point in their Primary Education if they fulfil the admissions criteria and are accepted by the admissions panel, which meets termly.
  • High Needs Base - for Middlesbrough Children who have been identified with moderate learning difficulties as their primary need and who have some other difficulty that affects their access to a mainstream class. The base takes children from year 3 if they fulfil the admissions criteria and are accepted by the admissions panel which meets annually.
  • VI Base - for children who are blind or visually impaired who may require adaptations to access the curriculum. Children come from all areas of the Tees Valley on transport and can start at Sunnyside at any point in thier primary education if they fulfil the admissions criteria and are accepted by the admissions panel, which meets termly.

Who to contact

Contact Name
J Patterson
01642 596422

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Sunnyside Academy
Manor Farm Way
Coulby Newham

Local Offer


Pupils are grouped in registration groups depending on age and if appropriate the nature of specialist provision required. We at Sunnyside believe that children learn best when they are interested and excited, we are using the structure of the new primary curriculum to ensure that children have to most experiential relevant learning experiences possible. We belive that all children are entitled to quality first wave teaching delivered using a range of teaching styles and techniques and differentiated to meet the individual needs of the pupils.

Progress in reading, writing and numeracy is assessed using our tracker system and the senior leadership team are involved in overseeing the rate of progress at termly meetings. Those children who are not making the expected progress will be identified and extra provision put in place to hep them catch up. We have developed the school grounds to encourage learning outside the classroom and all subjects.


Sunnyside is a single level building with ramps where possible, stairs are identified through bump markers and highlighted stair rods. For the hearing impaired there is a state of the art Phonak system for those who use FM transmitters. Qualified BSL signers are used whenever there is a hearing impaired adult or child who may need it. There is a fully disabled toilet with changing facility in SCB1 and all new toliet upgrades include an ambulatory toilet. We have Personal Evacuation Plans for more vulnerable children in case of an emergency. ICT is used to ensure access to the curriculum whenever necessary e.g. iPads with splashtop for the visually impaired. All new developments throughout the school take the range of children with physical and sensory disabilities into account. Interpreters for both BSL and other languages are used when necessary to communicate with parents whose first language is not spoken English.


Class teachers are always the first point of contact for all children - teachers have the overall responsibility for the welfare of the pupils in their class. They are supported in this by the senior leadership team, TOD/QTVI and Learning Mentor. Class teachers are supported in the classroom by teaching assistants. Some teaching assistants are designated 'specialist' to support children with a sensory impairment in the mainstream setting. They will provide BSL for the hearing impaired or ensure the curriculum is in an accessible format for the visually impaired. It is expected that all teachers have their planning available to discuss with TA's to ensure learning objectives are understood and resources are available. There is a care assistant employed in the Early Years section to look after the prsonal needs of some pupils.


Most children start at Sunnyside in the mainstream nursery, there is a home visit before the child starts to ensure all information is shared and parents are invited to stay with the child if that is felt necessary to settle the youngster into the nursery routine. Parents of children who want to start in the middle of an academic year must visit the school and arrange transfer with the Local Authority and the Headteacher. Those children who come to a base are put to the panel, the relevant teacher HNB, TOD, QTVI will liaise with the family if nursery age or the current school setting to ensure smooth transition.

Contact Name
J Patterson
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01642 596422
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