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Civic Enforcement Service

The Civic Enforcement Service tackles a wide range of nuisance and environmental crime.

The team uses a range of legislation including Local Authority, selected Police and DVLA Agency devolved powers which enable the council to impact on and deter fly tipping, waste carrier offences, litter dropping, dog fouling, untaxed and abandoned vehicles, graffiti and noise nuisances.

What does the Civic Enforcement Service do?

The Civic Enforcement Service responds to complaints of nuisance and environmental issues, and delivers educational and preventative measures to stop problems occurring.

Our Civic Enforcement Service:

  • Is actively involved in a campaign aimed at school children to highlight environmental crime issues with the aim of challenging and modifying people's behaviour at a young age.
  • Carries out roadside checks of waste carriers vehicles and licenses.
  • Removes motor vehicles under certain circumstances such as the vehicle not having valid tax, has been abandoned, is in a dangerous condition or is causing obstruction.
  • Seizes and take action against the owners of unlicensed or dangerous skips.
  • Takes action against the owners of vehicles parked on pavements or verges.
  • Challenges anti-social behaviour on the street with the power to:

    • Demand names and addresses.

    • Confiscate alcohol from persons under 18 years of age and from persons drinking alcohol in designated alcohol free zones.

    • Confiscate tobacco products from persons under 16 years of age.
  • Removes abandoned shopping trolleys etc.

Please visit the Civic Enforcement page on the Stockton Council website for further information.

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Civic Enforcement Service
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Civic Enforcement Service

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