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Screening Services

Bowel Cancer Screening

The NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme offers screening every two years to all men and women aged 60 to 69. People over 70 can request a screening kit by calling the freephone helpline 0800 707 6060

If you are in your sixties you will automatically be invited to complete a test kit.

In the meantime, if you have any concerns about your bowel health you should see your GP.

Breast Cancer Screening

The NHS Breast Screening Programme provides free breast screening every three years for all women aged 50 and over. Once women reach the upper age limit (70 yrs) for routine invitations for breast screening, they are encouraged to make their own appointment.

If you are registered with a GP and the practice has your correct details, then you will automatically receive an invitation. You don't need to contact anyone but you might like to ask your surgery when the women on their list are next due for screening.

Cervical Cancer Screening

All women between the ages of 25 and 64 are eligible for a free cervical screening test every three to five years

You will receive a letter from your local CCG or GP asking you to make an appointment for screening. You can choose whether to have it done at your GP practice or family planning clinic.

Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine is offered free of charge on the NHS to people who are at risk of against catching flu and developing serious complications.

For more information speak to your GP Surgery or go to the NHS Choices web page:

Alcohol misuse

Screening & Brief Intervention

Research has identified alcohol as a major contributor to the global burden of disease, disability and death across the globe.

AUDIT C is a simple screening tool to pick up the early signs of hazardous and harmful drinking and identify mild dependence.

If you would like to use the tool visit

If you work or volunteer in Stockton on Tees and would like to attend free brief intervention & advice training  please contact Gemma Mann in the SBC Public Health Team on tel: 01642 524293

Healthy Heart Check

The Healthy Heart Check aims to help you lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes and kidney disease. You are eligible if you are aged between 40 and 74 and can answer NO to the following questions:

Do you have any of the following conditions?

  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Chronic Kidney disease
  • Hypertension
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Heart Failure
  • Transient Ischaemic Attack
  • Diabetes
  • Atrial Fibrillation

Have you had a Healthy Heart Check or NHS Health Check within the last 5 years?

Are you on medication for high blood pressure or a statin for cholesterol?

If you think you are eligible, call your GP Surgery to book a FREE Healthy Heart Check (NHS Health Check) Or you can contact one of the nurse facilitators

More information is available at:

Lung Health Check

Across Teesside a programme is underway that aims to raise awareness of COPD while offering free lung checks for those who are eligible. If a person answers YES to 3 or more of the following questions, they are eligible for a free lung health check.

  • Are you 35 yrs or older and a smoker?
  • Do you feel short of breath during simple tasks like undressing or walking after a few minutes?
  • Do you cough several times most days?
  • When you cough do you bring up phlegm?
  • Do you wheeze when you breathe?

If you have answered "YES" to three or more of the above questions you can ask your GP for a simple breathing test called “the Lung Health Check”

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies

There are several services available to people who are experiencing mental distress. This includes the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme. The services provide talking treatments for people with mild to moderate anxiety or depression and have been shown to be as effective as prescribed medication when treating less severe conditions.

Hartlepool & Stockton-on-Tees Clinical Commissioning Group have developed a section of their website at: 

If you don’t have access to the internet, here are the contact details of the six providers:

  • Hartlepool and East Durham MIND Tel: 01429 269303
  • Alliance Psychological Services Limited Tel: 01642 352747
  • Talking Matters Teesside Tel: 01642 221910
  • Insight Tel: 0300 555 0555
  • Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust Tel: 0800 804 8155 or 01642 424030
  • Starfish Health and Wellbeing Tel: 01642 345212

Mental Health Training Hub

Redcar & Cleveland Mind and Hartlepool & East Durham Mind are working in partnership to offer mental health training via the Tees Mental Health Training Hub. This training is FREE for people working or volunteering across Teesside.

If you are interested in receiving mental health training, please contact the Tees Mental Health Training Hub on: Tel: 01642 296052

Or visit the hub website at:

SBC Public Health Information Library

Stockton Public Health Information Library is available to anyone in Stockton-On-Tees who requires information about health. This includes schools, NHS organisations and relevant voluntary and community sector services.

To view the catalogue visit:

For more information on the Library contact:

Health & Wellbeing Assessment Resources

A range of resources that may be useful to services

The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS)

A scale for assessing positive mental health (mental well-being). A 14 positively worded item scale with five response categories. It covers most aspects of positive mental health (positive thoughts and feelings) currently in the literature.

To view the tool, visit:

To understand more about the tool and how it has been validated visit:

The Wellbeing Star™ (or Outcomes Star)

The Well-being Star™ is designed to help you think about all the different things that impact on your well-being.  The tool takes a broader view than just looking at your symptoms because it includes other things such as money, whether you feel positive and whether where you live is having an impact on your health. Use of this tool can give quantitative measures of service / intervention impact upon the individual

You can view information on this tool by visiting:

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