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Age UK - Depression and Anxiety

Age UK offers information on mental and emotional health including depression and anxiety. Our mental and emotional health are equally important and being worried, low or out of sorts are not part and parcel of getting older - they're important signs that you're not feeling as well as you should be.

Depression can show itself in different ways, and each person's experience will be different. However older people with depression often experience more physical symptoms such as tiredness, weight loss and problems sleeping. There are other symptoms to including not feeling confident or feeling that life is pointless.

Anxiety is feeling restless or 'on edge' and feeling irritable. There can also be physical symptoms such as a fast heartbeat, shaking or sweating. It's not uncommon to feel low and worried at the same time, and anyone can experience feeling like this.

For further advice and information on what you can do to help yourself, or a loved one who you may be concerned about, please visit ourĀ website.

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Age UK
Free Advice Line: 0800 678 1602
Age UK Depression and Anxiety

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The advice line is open every day, 8am - 7pm.

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