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Assessment Team

The Assessment Team does not accept referrals or concerns regarding any case that is not open to them.  Referrals or concerns not open to the Assessment Team must go through the Children's Hub.

Who to contact

Stirling House Admin: 01642 524242

Where to go

Stirling House
Tedder Avenue
TS17 9JP

Local Offer


There are two Assessment Teams, one covers the south of Stockton and one covers the north.

If the assessment threshold is met the Assessment Team begin to undertake further enquiries/assessments.

In a small number of cases further enquiries may result in a decision being made that the concerns do not meet the threshold, in these cases there will be no further action, with the reasons clearly recorded and the case will be closed down.

For each child that is felt to meet the threshold criteria a Single Assessment will be undertaken with consent from the parent/carers. However, if the concerns are of a safeguarding nature consent can be dispensed with.

Assessments of children are holistic and include the views/wishes/feelings of the parent/carer and the child if of sufficient age and understanding and any other significant person or professional involved.

During the course of the assessment if services are identified to meet the needs of the parent/carer or child, Social Workers will endeavour to ensure these services are in place and will not wait until the outcome of the assessment to action any identified needs.

If the assessment identifies that the child is in need of services, once the assessment has been completed a care plan will be completed and the case will transfer to a fieldwork team.

If during the course of the assessment a child is felt to be at risk of significant harm, safeguarding enquiries will be undertaken, at times these enquiries may be conducted jointly with Child Protection Police Officers. Enquiries may result in the Child going to stay with other family members or being placed in foster care if there are no family members to support/care for the child.

Additionally if concerns are high a legal meeting may be held to decide whether Public Law Outline Procedures should be initiated in order to keep a child safe, or immediate legal proceedings may need to be initiated. If this is the case then the Fieldwork Team will attend the first case hearing and take over the case management at this point.

If it is identified that a child is at risk a decision may be made to proceed to an initial Child Protection Conference, whereby a child may be made subject of a Protection Plan. Regardless of the outcome of the conference it is at this point that the assessment team will transfer the case to the fieldwork team.

If the assessment has identified that a child is not in need of statutory intervention the case will close to the Assessment Team. However it may be identified that the child is in need of some level of support and other services and professionals may be asked to provide this.

Assessment should take no longer than 45 working days, but can be completed sooner once the child's/family's needs have been identified.

Contact Telephone
01642 524242

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