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AIMS: Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services

AIMS' members - parents, midwives, doctors and other health professionals - are drawn from all over Britain and Ireland, as well as abroad. There are AIMS contacts throughout the country who support each other and campaign on national and local issues.

AIMS publishes a well-respected and widely read quarterly journal which focuses on current issues in maternity care, gives news about ongoing campaigns, and analyses the latest research. It also includes readers’ views and stories, book and video reviews, and conference reports from around the country. The journal spearheads lively and informed discussion about change and development in the maternity services. Parents and professionals alike find it an excellent source of information.

AIMS receives thousands of letters and telephone calls each year from individual women and couples. They reply with emotional support and encouragement as well as information about choices and rights. AIMS collect data and publish a wide range of leaflets and booklets which enable parents to make informed decisions concerning every aspect of their maternity care.

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0300 365 0663

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