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Family Action

Family Action believes that every child has the right to the best possible start in life and that every family should be supported to enable their children to reach their full potential. Family Action’s Children & Families Services work with children, young people, parents, carers and the wider family network to ensure the family is able to realise its full potential.

The Stockton Family Outreach and Volunteering service is provided by Family Action and is part of the 0-19 Health and Wellbeing service. We are part of the ‘One Team’ and we embrace this, but it’s also important to us to maintain our Family Action identity – and our work centres around our values: we are ‘people focussed’ by wrapping around families in need of our support, we are proactive and ‘can do’ in our delivery of this support. We regularly review and learn from our practice to strive towards ‘excellence’ and we do all this with ‘respect’ at its heart.

We help children, young people and families to gain life skills and confidence. We care about building strong relationships with families – in family hubs, in the community and within the family home. Working holistically across the extended family is fundamental to Family Action’s approach and we strive to support stable, positive family networks in which all family members are able to thrive.

As the name suggests, our service is divided into two parts:

Family Outreach

Family Outreach is about working in the community, with families from all backgrounds, and providing a helping hand with life’s difficulties. We provide support both proactively and reactively, as well as empowering families to support themselves – with issues including debt & budgeting, domestic violence, parenting & family routines, isolation, mental health and housing. By building strong relationships with and within families, we aim to give them the tools and skills to cope with day-to-day life. We want parents to be the best that they can be; providing safe, loving environments for their children to grow up in. We work closely with our colleagues in other teams – from Health Visitors, School Nurses and the Grow Well Grow Healthy team to the wider professional network at TAF meetings and CP conferences. In this way we aim to help provide wrap-around support for our families. In the relatively short time that the service has been active, we’ve seen families: reduce their isolation and begin accessing their community, grow in confidence, start to manage their own finances and parent more effectively, providing appropriate boundaries and positive routines for their children. We’re excited about building upon these success as we move forward.


Volunteering aims to enhance the provision of the service as a whole – whether that’s providing direct support to families; delivering accessible, hub-based sessions; or working in the background to support professionals. We build meaningful relationships with children, young people and families and empower them. We have a team of excellent volunteers whose work with us complements and enhances the help and support we offer. We take responsibility for the governance of those volunteers from their recruitment and training, to their ongoing professional development and supervision. We also provide the link between volunteers and professionals across the wider 0-19 service – ensuring the sharing of information and strong, mutually-beneficial relationships. As we grow in strength and experience we will share our success with service users by taking them on as volunteers and paying their experience forward to others in need.

Accessing The Service

Contact your health visitor or Public Health Nurse for referral into the service.

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This service operates from Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

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