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Children's Physiotherapy Service

  • Assess, advise and treat children who have conditions which cause a delay in their development, or an ongoing health need.
  • Deliver child centred treatments in a variety of settings including home, school and hospital.
  • Promote equal opportunities for children
  • Liaise with other agencies and professionals to promote a "joined-up" approach with the child in the centre.

Local Offer


Children's (Paediatric) Physiotherapists look after the whole body. They are experts in a child's development, and the impact that a sick or disabled child can have on family life. They use a wide range of approaches that are tailored to each child's need. This may include individual exercise programmes, postural and 24-hour management plans, assessing for specialised equipment such as chairs, standing frames and walking aids. Children's physiotherapists will devise an individual therapy plan for your child, treatment will be given in the most appropriate setting which could be home, school or hospital.

We can refer for specialist treatments such as hydrotherapy, or for specialist garments such as Lycra.

Children's physiotherapists can refer your child to other services that we feel are appropriate, such as Orthotics. We can also sign post families to appropriate groups and clubs.

Children's Physiotherapists work closely with other professionals involved with children, such as Children s Occupational therapists, Speech and Language therapists and Teachers.

The children's Physiotherapy service take open referrals.

Contact Name
University Hospital of North Tees / Hartlepool Children's Therapy Service
Contact Telephone
01429 52 2471
Local Offer Age Bands
Early Years

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Last Updated: 20/01/2023
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