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TSAB Annual Survey 2022 - 2023

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The Teeswide Safeguarding Adults Board works in partnership with a wide range of organisations, to safeguard and promote the well-being and independence of adults at risk of abuse or neglect.

Below are some of the words used in this questionnaire and what we mean by these:

  • Safeguarding means making sure you are safe from abuse and neglect, and are able to be independent and make choices.
  • Abuse is when someone hurts you or treats you badly. Abuse is always wrong and can happen to anyone. There are different types of abuse.
  • Neglect is when people who are supposed to help you don’t look after you properly, they may not give you enough food, not give you your medication or take you to the doctors if you are ill, they may not keep you safe.

Please take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire below. You will not be asked for your name or address. 

The closing date for the survey is 3 February 2023.

Please visit the Teeswide Safeguarding Adults Board page for further information about the services they provide.

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